Sustainable Leather Goods

Sustainable Leather Goods

We should all know by now that our own environmental footprint ripples out to change the world–for better or worse. For our part, Lost Generation is clearing our own path toward sustainability by using natural materials, starting with our leather goods. Our approach is rooted in the belief that luxury and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary facets of modern fashion. This commitment is evident in every leather piece we create, designed not only to elevate style but also to embody our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices.

Let’s start with sustainability and “sustainably sourced.” What does that mean? In short, it means that the materials are sourced (read: found and bought) from a supply chain that is doing things the right way with regards to the environment, their community, their labor, and the related businesses that it may be connected to. The long version is… well, lengthy! It turns out the UN’s Dept of Social and Economic Development has a series of 17 goals for sustainable development. “Responsible Consumption and Production,” which sounds most like how many brands would define sustainability or ethical sourcing, is only one of those goals. At any one moment, most brands can’t touch half of these goals, let alone all.

That said, It’s important to keep an eye on all aspects of sustainable development and identify where your brand is most capable of making a difference. For Lost Generation, we’ve been practicing Responsible Consumption and Production since day one. As we grow, we’d like to place more focus on Decent Work and Economic Growth (8) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (11). Our founder and creative director is a citizen of the Catawba Nation, and as the brand & business grows, we will seek ways to connect back to the Nation to employee other citizens and offer economic security as craftspeople within the broader fashion market.

Lost Generation invites you to explore our collection of sustainable leather goods and join us in our mission to redefine luxury fashion. Our pieces are not just purchases; they are investments in a sustainable future, embodying the principles of ethical production and environmental stewardship. We believe that choosing sustainable leather goods is a powerful statement of personal values and a step toward a more responsible fashion industry.

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