About Lost Generation

My grandmothers were both members of the Lost Generation. They were young mothers during the Great Depression, and lived in a world far simpler, yet harder, than the one we live in today.

These two tiny women loomed large in the lives of those around them. One was a seamstress and square dancer, the other was a homemaker who sewed dresses for her 7 daughters out of flour sacks. These women worked with their hands to provide for their families. Both did so with the utmost of care, and passed on their skills and crafts to future generations.

Today, we work simply and neatly as we imagine they would today: using humble materials, collecting scraps to use in smaller pieces so that nothing goes to waste, and maintaining a high attention to detail, producing timeless leather goods that reflect and respect the women who created our path.

Proudly designed & made by a Catawba Indian woman.

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