The Founder

Hi, I’m Fannie.

Lost Generation is my passion project. A way for my old soul to influence modern day needs with sustainability as well as style. A way to rip free from big, money-grabbing brands that don't care about the planet or whether their product makes sense for you to use in a year. And an outlet for my need to make things with my own two hands. Just like the women who inspired this brand, my beloved family that has fueled me, loved me, and encouraged me. Just like them, I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer and found my own path.

My life has driven down many roads. I’ve worked in skateboarding, game development, interior design, and web development. I attended a residential high school and a non-residential college. I’ve lived on the West Coast, in the Deep South, and now in the Heart of Texas. My heart beats to a city rhythm, but my breath flows at a small town pace. This story of my life, so far, has been strange and satisfying. Good thing I always have a notebook and a good pen within reach, and I know when to stop and take a deep breath. With my eyes wide open.