About Us

Lost Generation specializes in leather goods and pottery. Each item is designed & made by our founder in her home studio in Austin, TX. She is a self-taught leather worker & designer and proudly grew up on the Catawba Reservation in SC. Both leather and pottery goods connect back to her tribal roots as does her desire to create practical elements that will last for generations.

The designs speak softly, but have a strong presence. All use leathers that don’t need breaking-in. For each large piece that is created, the scraps are turned into smaller and smaller pieces to waste as little as possible. Most stitched items are sewn on an industrial sewing machine at home. Hardware is hammered in the old-fashioned way with a mallet on a stone slab. Ceramics are handbuilt and surface designed with nostalgic patterns.

All pieces, leather or pottery, are made for everyday use. We use minimal shapes, a little personality, and great materials to share our design vision as well as our values.